SHINee Your Number DANCE VERSION(black)

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설명2015/3/11 リリースNew Single 「Your Number」のDANCE VERSION(black)を公開!
「Your Number」は、男女の出会いのトキメキを綴ったスイートなR&Bナンバー。


anna luna says:

Onew´s smile at 1:39 is my end

wolfie 98 says:

taemin looks like jack skellington here

E B says:

They are all allowed to kick me in the face. Those legs are magical, I'd probably be granted clear skin and immortality.

Leo Jongkey says:

This is PERFECTION!!!!

Katherin Valeska Arellano Donoso says:

Te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo bb lee taemin te amo te amo te amo te amo te amo sataemin <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

charlie c. says:

the was the first kpop (technically jpop ig lol) song i ever fell in love with and i’m finally stanning shinee two years later

Dinesh Dharam says:

There's SHINee and then…. there's Minho….

È̕͜͞ll̶i̷e̴̡̢͞ Gaming says:

I was never a fan of kpop but changed my mind because of this😂 this is really good now i like kpop

najjoud says:

2017 we want the white version

Derek Brou says:

I just lost connection with an awesome person on chatroulette, and this was a link sent to me by them, so if you're them, leave a comment. for the love of god i hope you see this.

MissOnew14 says:

Can I get your number Onew? O

Shawol In The Shower says:

Man y'all lay off Onew's horizontal stripes OK he slays no matter what you're just quaking.

Lexi Loves Blue says:

Don't just take my number take my soul

cristina cristobal says:

Love you all guys love you onew so much

amazing tears for chat noir says:

still the best dance i've seen. these five boys just know how to flow apart and together. look at them doing their own choreo and then coming together. chills. also, minho, you're just all legs and eyes, aren't you?

Jenny Alvarenga says:

What an awesome song and clip. Guys look fantastic. Just a fun video to watch.

Najia Kashcool says:

& I thought only Minho can be majestically gorgeous in a suit .. How idiot I was! 😅
All of them are more than awesome.

Triggered1of1Romance *** says:


Aiorel Aibeck says:

Love SHINee, Love Onew!!!

minamikunnokoibito says:


Siddiqah Kay says:

Saranghae opaaa

krystal jung says:

شايني موبدعين بكلشي 👑

Brittney Hall says:

Your song make me feel Special smile my favorite Number Dacea it is good good luck on YouTube keep Rick and God bless 🇯🇵


Perfection!! Elegance!! Sexy!! Professional!! Mature!! Total success!! As always Shinee showing why they are the best K-pop group.

Weii-chan Idol says:

Aaahhhhh i neeeed a mirror ver

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