KNK Funny Moments #8

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KNK Funny Moments #8

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Berneen says:

6:37 Got7 A in the background!

I love you kpop Bpop Tpop Kook says:

#2017 😂😂😂😂😂omg I love you knk

UKMixer!KpopFan! says:

Their level of extra is….well I don't think the chart goes high enough… 😛

Hayashida Akira says:

Heejun x youjin hahahaha

katytolo1991 says:

Jihun so cute, i fall in love in minute 7:39

KawaiiBunnBunn says:

5:30 omg who's this? XD

KawaiiBunnBunn says:

1:14 seungjun caught my attention first, and i relate to him in so many ways, lmao. "Doesn't like exercise."

jee yeon says:

at 40 seconds of this video they were playing fly by got7

Miley Yang says:

ιи тнє νι∂єσ єνєяу тιмє тнєу αяє ιи тнє ¢αя тнєяє ιѕ αℓωαуѕ gσт7 ιи тнє вα¢кgяσυи∂

Elizabeth Benson-Ernst says:

and then there's Seungjun, who doesn't like excercise

Same… Same…

张静敏 says:

02:27and04:53 is what video

TigerTaehyung says:

On 3:47 look at Jihun's expression when Seungjun says "The size of Jihun's butt" 😂😂😂 oml I ship it too much😂😂😭😭💖💖💖

mateus says:

i want to see zootopia with seungjun :[

b0blegum - says:

Okay, so seungjun is the one who likes eating and often eating while laying down and he doesn't like exercise yet he doesn't gain weight easily. Tell me how to be Seungjun.

reemah mssad says:

so cute😂💓

jen says:

lmao his laugh at 8:49

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