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[HOT]Red Velvet – Red Flavor , 레드벨벳 – 빨간맛 Show Music core 20180811

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Music core 20180811
Red Velvet – Red Flavor , 레드벨벳 – 빨간맛

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Laura PV says:


TheKWorld says:

It’s funny how they are always trying to make Irene look ugly… gurl THAT HAIRSTYLE WTF?

Hockey Dz says:


nglinh nglinh le says:

fan VIETNAM 🇻🇳

Classe My says:

Joyyy sooo prettyy , i love her

Zoya Gerina says:

The real soty in 2017

Jeon Goyoong says:

I wish sm ent. groups will stop lipsycing or using pre recorded tracks they are talented to use those things. Just like bts or blackpink always singing live

Ella Oktafia says:

Miss performance them red flavor

Cherry Ho says:

finally wendys not so skinny when performing this song<3

lolboy - says:

wendy spirit is just contagious

Adam Duong says:

Can y’all believe?? this is probably the last red Flavor stage ever 😔😔👊👊😭😭😩😩

harumist says:

Seulgi is just beautiful

sunshine bee says:

1:21 the fan screaming SJFBESRUNDSOJGBLRG

MLLM says:

should’ve been the song of the year last 2017

Elodie Naumowicz says:

They deserve better outfits !

Lauren Anne says:

nobody’s talking about the thumbnail wow ok y’all don’t step on yeri

edit: okay i saw one comment thanks

Sheska Perdomo says:

Red Flavor never think comeback to music shows

Laila Madalieva says:

This Irine's rap parts aaaaaaaaaa I Love this song soooooo much

Jessica. golden says:

Sadly agree about Yeri slacking off in the dance . Excuses will just make this worse cause other members also encounter a lot of difficulties while promoting. There was this time when Wendy had to struggle with vocal nodules but she still delivered , it may not be her best but you can see the effort she makes. And just recently Joy was struggling with her wardrobe malfunction in With you live performance, but you can see that she stays as good as she can to keep up with dance as possible despite being uncomfortable. So effort and professionalism really is the key. I wish Yeri can learn from this criticisms.

awwwkitteh says:

whats up with these outfits??? The flap keeps coming up. Even Irene looks off. Stylist did a poor job

SHINee Velvet says:

I can still hear the freshness of this song 😢

Thương Đào says:

I love Wendy

Nani Otoke says:

2:02 Wendy Abs. Wow! 😮

Stephanie Cheng says:

wendy looks so happy in right now’s era, i want this cheery wendy to last forever

My hands carry em - says:

Seulgi gets way prettier every song and comeback. Im gonna have a heart attack by her one day. ♡♡♡

Loony Bunny says:

The legendary Red Flavor! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ one of the best summer bop!

Dung Thuy says:

Seulgi , Yeri

sunmf Wu says:


Less Suga says:

Why only seulgi who has big energy

Putri Nabila says:

Waw Seulgi with ponytail💛💛

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