[HIT] 불후의명곡2-에일리(Ailee) – 나는 어떡하라구.20120526

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에일리(Ailee) – 나는 어떡하라구


Gisselle Garcia says:

Baby ailee haz crecido tan rápido… Espero tu comeback love from Perú 🇵🇪

jose alejandro roman lopez says:

What episode is this?

Keidi Shay says:

I love watching her singing ballad songs.♥

Keidi Shay says:

She really know how to sing with such an emotion.I end up crying.

jamie c: says:

this was such a beautiful & emotional performance. there was so much sadness in her voice at the end that i got worried and thought she was gonna cry T T bravo ailee!!

Janey Cenitury says:

I want to see Ailee unnie in another drama

cheeky kpop says:

Watching this with a jacket and blamket on… (To cover the chills and goosebumps)…. So wonderful… (and some tissues please)

Jen Street says:

This performance still slays me almost 5 years down the line, best in the shows history in my opinion

Aljazih H says:

Wow i saw this in 2012 and still ❤❤❤❤❤

Craig Winstanley says:

Ailee has a vocal talent that is second to none. A bright star who is the best.

Karry Lee AILEEAN says:

Who's watching this in 2017? ❤️👑❤️

Simõ Tãehyung says:

iv been watching this for 3 years now but it still makes me cry evry time

Mme Inconnue says:

2:30 😍😍😍😍

latai williams says:

love the preformance what would of made this preformance more dramatic was a black wedding dress wouldn't that be a show

obiwan88 says:

Ironically it's only the 2 special guests that realized what a remarkably powerful performance that was, giving her a standing ovation.
The reaction from the rest of the audience is quite shockingly lukewarm…

Martin Justino says:

and de original singer is?

Ok75x says:

6.dec.2016 still get emotional when I hear this performance of course can't forget the goosebumps too <3

latai williams says:

WOW we can all guess this song is about a jilted lover on her wedding day amazing vocal and power is her strong point. I felt a cold chill run up my back watching this.

Jeungri Oppa says:

Good he dumped her…. more for me! Ailee we should start dating lol

Miss Benitez says:

GODDDD!! Goosebumps was all over my body.

Amy Marthe says:

16 septembre 2016 and i still had goosebums 😳

Shellah Bella says:

Such an amazing talent. She had me memorized. Wow!

Lalalalyssa_ says:

This performance is why she's my slay queen 😍💖

HeyAmanda says:


YY Lolipop says:


Karla G says:

Espero algún día oírla cantar en vivo… realmente sería uno de los mejores momentos de mi vida… Su voz es realmente increíble.

Stacky JEO says:

this is the performance that made me fall in love with Ailee and her voice.♡

Alisar S says:

i just wanna smack this video at every b** that says "ailee's singing is emotionless"

Annonymous5411 says:

She was completely robbed of this victory. Maybe cause she was still a newbie but she should have won this ep.

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