EZIN TV ailee(에일리) home(홈) 안무영상

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대한민국 댄서들의 일상을 낱낱이 공개 합니다~~



K-lee Li says:


Kpop FanArts says:

Everyone crying over the white cap dude but I'm here like THE GUY IN ALL BLACK IS EVERYTHING

Rolha Saleem says:

very very very good

T. Bui says:

XD! The comments under this video in a nutshell:
~"OMG I thought this was a cover until I saw Ailee."
~"She is slaying this!!"

Alice Bezerra says:

Ailee is Queen 💘👑🙈✨

Taehyung's Stuffed Elephant says:

Oml the male dancer wearing the white cap and skinny jeans is seriously killing me… I can't see his face properly, though. Could someone tell me who he is? Thank you. <3

cocoberrymochi says:

That one background dancer actually kind of looked like Cheeta

animeloveu123 says:

EZIN did a good job for this song but they really need to step it up for their choreography. Her other songs deserved better.

only mistli says:

she's so small it's so cute 😂i couldn't stop laughing at first at how small she is even though i've seen this video many times

Mara Kristina says:

our queen is the smallest among this people.😂 but damn!! she can dance like nobodys business..I'm Inlove..😍😍

Hwaiting Pazudora says:

our queen's sexy belly

Mango Pie says:

Is that Paulina (the blonde girl on the left), her back up dancer who is also featured on My Neighbor Charles? I'm so happy she's become a regular back up dancer of Ailee.

Happiness1 A says:

Oppa who were white cap make me crazy >\<

brian park says:

The girl in the white short is pretty 😎

Lau R says:

watching: wow so easy
trying: omg what the heck

딸기 says:

에일리언니 너무 예쁘고 춤도 잘 추시고 노래도 정말 잘 하시네여!!!
제 롤모델인거 아세여..?ㅎㅎ
언니 사랑하고 존경해요!!♥♥

Aileeanated Moomoo says:

ailee so much swaggg

SprinkledDonut says:

Ailee looks so cute with that hairstyle and outfit

only mistli says:

when the guys came in at the beginning i was like "either they are hella tall or ailee is cute and small lol" so the height difference i was liking it a lot 😂

Lamahady Alornge says:

Ok but who's the dancer with the short hair and blue tank top I've been searching forever

딸기 says:

저는 이지엔 팀장 황선영 팀장님을 가장 좋아합니다!!💕💕저의 롤모델이시고여!! 에일리 언니도 엄청~좋아해요!!2~3년 전 부터 좋아했고 지금까지도 좋아해요!!!❤

Thee3vansAlphonse says:


VolumePerfection says:

can you upload wheesung videos? i know u were his back up dancer! one girl from ezin has been wheesung's back up dancer since yge days!!

Nora Nono says:

the man dancres are so hot

Michelle Singh says:

ezin? got hot as dancers 😍and theyre so good 🙈anyone notice the bap jumper though? 😂😂

tae to my kook says:

everyone's talking about the guy with the white cap but I'm just admiring the girl in shorts damn her moves are strong and smooth (and ofc ailee too, im here for her)

Isabella Quiñones says:

i think her dance was good for a song like that but there where a lot of people there that opaque a little aliee but it was awsome c:

Sky Santos says:

I'm seriously crying! Why didn't she performed on mama! I was like waiting for her performance!

나봄뻑가 says:

몇십년전에 열반하신 저명한 불교학자이자 모대학총장님을 역임하신 스님 (?)의 법문에 의하면,무대뒤에서 아름답게 춤을 추는 무희들은 과거생 (전생)에 천사였을 가능성이 높다고 하셨읍니다..그분의 법문이 사실인듯합니다. ^ ^

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