Exo’s xiumin and chanyeol reaction to ailee’s performance at AAA

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My lord ohsehun says:


linniedinh says:

Xuimin is always an Ailee fan!

시우민 ᄋAᄋ says:

너무 귀여운거 아니냐구요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

mehar shah says:

Queen Aliee is too good💚

Missqueenxie says:

Xiumin is always #shookt 😁

Arifah Zain says:

I need full reaction 😍

Syasya Zulaikha says:

Ailee always make their jaw’s drop.. always

Lilit Gevorgyan says:

i need a full 😭 omg my heart can't handel this… i am Exol and Aileean and i am so proud❤️❤️❤️


i need a full oneeeeee.omg why every ailee reaction have to ve like this? its like a curse! it will definitely end more that i ecmxoected.haha

Kim Kim says:

it's nice to see when long-time Ailee fans still get shook when they hear her perform <3 Xiumin always has the cutest reactions to her c:

시우민석요정 says:

매번 에일리님 무대에 놀라워하넹ㅜㅜ진짜넘넘이쁘당….

Sami Bts trash says:

They're representing my reaction and they'll forever be ailee' son fanboys

ailee canada says:

Can u find other reaction to Ailee AAA's performance!! Love this video though

Dreaming to go to Korea, bitch give me money! says:

His so shookt 😂 cutie umin 💕

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