(episode-152) Nine Muses – Hurt Locker (나인뮤지스 – 다쳐)

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(episode-152) Nine Muses – Hurt Locker (나인뮤지스 – 다쳐)

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I love when Nine Muses do live. All of them can sing live. All of them are cute and pretty always because all of them are a model.

guriyya says:

The rapper girl at 2:24 is pretty damn good. Her voice is perfect for rapping. I wish she is trained more so she could get bigger. She shouldhave gone to yg! She could have been the next cl with a voice like that

Christian DeLaRosa says:

Late but I just noticed that Hyuna has a moon sticker on her shoulder, and her birth name is Moon Hyun-a

the nf says:

Such a good song.

Muhammad Adam says:

Why Keumjo part got swap with Minha?

Jorge Sousa says:

Who is the one at 2:51 ?

Carla Wijaya says:

I miss this so much

Christine Hoy says:

this song. this stage. this group is pure fire. hoping their 2016 comeback puts them on the map

Kaf shawol says:

Me encanta

me me says:

Sojin's face is so unique. She is gorgeous….

Tina TheKoolster says:

My bae sojin slays the dance c:

Shisi Ayshila says:

What is name the group?
New or no?
(Sorry for my english)

이주원 says:

코디ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 새옷좀 입혀주시지ㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅇㅂㅇ..ㅠㅠ

lance may says:

I can tell the camera man loves Sojin and Sungah like those close up tho.

Jieun Hwang says:

How come in Minah's first line someone else sings it in the MV but on broadcast she sings it

rongike says:

this sounds very live and good! except Sungah's mic was too quiet at one point.. but i think that just proves it was really live and not edited after recording!

Vincent Valentine says:

Flawless LIVE performance and fanchant. It is my favorite stage so far. Waiting for more awesome performances ^^

Renny Hyun says:

The fanchants tho… 😵😵

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