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Artist: Laysha (레이샤)
Released: December 18, 2017
English Title: Pink Label
Genre: K-Pop
Label/Distributor: JS Entertainment
Single: Pink Label

[Sexy Fancam HD] 레이샤(LAYSHA) (혜리) Dance Performance @ 일지아트홀 쇼케이스
[Sexy Fancam HD] 레이샤(LAYSHA) (혜리) Dance Performance @ 일지아트홀 쇼케이스
[Sexy Fancam HD] 레이샤(LAYSHA) (혜리) Dance Performance @ 일지아트홀 쇼케이스

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개체전 시즌2 7회

– 통통통 릴레이 & Cheer+Up+Baby

Laysha New Opening at military academy Base and college SChool

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Solo Debut – 1st Place

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Part 4:

Live. In Seoul laysha Concert Opening

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Boda Laysha y Franc 18 08 2018

181013 레이샤 LAYSHA 솜 SOM Party Tonight 안동과학대 by GT
솜 레이샤 Party Tonight 안동과학대 by GT

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181013 레이샤 Laysha 솜 Som – Level Up [[직캠 Fancam] by GT

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Laysha Special Event – for Fans

Laysha Go Eun, Laysha Hyeri, Laysha Som, Laysha Chaejin
Special for Laysha Fans in the World
Laysha Cute Moments

Esta canción junto con la de “Turn Up The Music” son las canciones que más me gustan de este grupo ♥

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[직캠/Fancam] 180804 레이샤(LAYSHA) (고은) Chocolate Cream @ 대진해변축제

171215 – 레이샤(LAYSHA) – PINK LABEL (핑크라벨) – 신곡 쇼케이스 일지아트홀 직캠

Ночная KOREA-PARTY 21.08.2016
Russia, Saint – Petersburg.

[직캠/Fancam] NiKKi6X MetalkiD 니키식스 메탈키드 FHD Full-HD 60p [K-Pop Kpop]

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171215レイシャ(Laysha)全体Party Tonight By鉄147Company – 日誌アートホールショーケース(ジクケム/ Fancam)

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20151011 Uijeongbu hoeryong festival
레이샤(Laysha)[4K직캠]의정부 화룡 문화제 축제@Rock Music
Turn Up The Music&위아래(Up and Down)&어머님이 누구니&몸매&잘나가서 그래&댄싱게놈&Run To you
Laysha 의정부화룡문화제행사
레이샤 의정부화룡문화축제
Laysha Fancam
4K 30fps
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