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Ailee’s (에일리) Most Powerful Vocals: Leaving other idols and audiences SHOOK!

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all hail queen Ailee a.k.a kpop’s best female vocalist
haven’t done a kpop video in a lil bit
this is the most clickbait ass title I ever hope to use !!
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Ku Azim says:

"victims of the slayage"🤣🤣

caspar din says:

First Korean that I actually like to listen to. Her raw vocals I believe are better because these days all those effects and whatever they do on music and vocals are put on the video. I wanna hear her live minus all those, just her voice. Like her 😊.

alya ardiningrum says:

Please Vote Ailee at MAMA 2017

smileyjulie ar says:

What is the episode of Immortal Songs she is singing in the last video?

Karry Lee AILEEAN says:

Queen Ailee ❤️😍😘👽👑

cRozzing over says:

Do you know who India Carney is. She has such a nice voice but I don't know of her technique is any good.

Sami Bts trash says:

My queen has the talent to do that every time. Queen only

Noel Lorenzo Azorín says:

3:31 her hair reminds me of Ally's

Maranedy says:

I've been a fan of hers since I saw her on immortal songs… holy …. this woman is amazing

SuperPianogirl123 says:

I am so mad you left out her projecting over the piano in To Love You More

Ava Saraza says:

Her melisma(?) sort of sounds like Xtina.

Tiffany Wong says:

I love Ailee, but… sometimes putting down other singers isn't that necessary? Ailee's vocal itself already explains everything, and sometimes those singers being compared aren't THAT far from Ailee.
Btw, thank you for showing Ailee's head voice, such a highlight <3

Aileelove123 says:

1:45 OMFG that Heaven acapella.. never seen it. She tends to sing in lower key when she does acapella thing but this lol can u give me the link?? Anyway well choosen moments and nice subtitles. This is the best video for this year

Aileelove123 says:

Like and Thanx before watching

vkook trash says:

7:08 I am stealing this

moonlightbaeita grande says:

Is the first time i listen this Girl thenk You for this video

MrSkinnyJeanz3 says:

I forgot the background image again I'm so irritated lmaoo

Cr78bst says:

She is literally an upgraded version of Demi Lovato (vocally), with more resonance ,head voice and overall better support.

Sjoerd de Buck says:

Honestly ur comments make me lmfao. 10/10 content

Stephen Tan says:


TheMschelsea91 says:

What about an analysis of Ailee on your Tumblr??

MCthulhu M says:

I remember almost all Ailee's facial expressions from these performances ^^ She has incredible charisma. All her performances are so memorable and fascinating!

Imagine Raptr says:

She could outslay all current western singers. She deserves more recognition

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