Ailee (에일리) SLAYS the Vocals Even Without Music | Updated Acapella compilation

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it’s our favorite kpop powerhouse! questioning just how powerful her vocals are? listening to her sans music is a good way to really know!


it’s been a good while since I posted
sorry bout it
I’ve been busy
I will try to be better
hope you enjoy
love and appreciate you


Ciara Rozet says:

Amazing as always. Always my Queen. 😭😭😭😭

L L says:

Please make a video about Sabrina Carpenter

Jessica Osuya says:

3:26 epic exit…😂😂💜💜💜

Cr78bst says:

She sounds exactly like Demi Lovato lol, especially on the Bb4-C#5 range. Same output, same approach.

Yihua Lin says:

love Ailee 🙂

Monette Soria says:

Thank u for updating us with Ailee's video.we really learned a lot from u.pls keep supporting her.thanks👍😊

asma aziz says:

Love the crowd singing along!

hyorin grande says:

can you make a video on hyolyn's recent performance and can you tell if she has improved or not. thanks so much

the flawless one says:

4:05 sounds like Demi Lovato but with a much better technique lmao

Karry Lee AILEEAN says:

Tks so much 😍😍😍

GG WP says:

i see Ailee i click

MrSkinnyJeanz3 says:

2:30 was a good C#5 even though the vowel got narrower as she sustained. The beginning was very open and nice to hear, forgot to point out

Dz36 Sax says:

Please! Can you give me the link at 4:05?? So powerful!! 😍😍

SoYonce & Mimi says:


Welsh Avenue says:

3:55 lmao BYE

Aileelove123 says:

1st like! always love your videoss!!

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