[4k] 180519 에일리(Ailee) – 르네셀 뮤직페스타

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[4k] 180519 에일리(Ailee) – 르네셀 뮤직페스타
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chris pratt says:


wafae meu says:

I like ailee's body

곽민정 says:

영상감사해요 ㅎ기다리고있었어요

Emily Marie Oliveras says:

This gave me goosebumps like 100 times.

Latai Williams says:

Thanx for this video ❤ queen looks amazing as ever. I dont know but you but i think she looks younger at 2018 whats her secret anyways still love her yesterday,today nextweek and even next month🙂. Ailee is an amazing preformer and a crowd pleaser to boot keep it coming with your videos love them❤❤❤.

Andzaaa says:

Ailee is looking and sounding so healthy. I love this concept!
Thank you so much for the fancam.

Sebastian Micaelis says:

Did she dieting?

Karry Lee AILEEAN says:

Tks for this vid ❤️

wanna one ailee says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️slay ailee

bjs380380 says:

에일리 최고 ~ ~

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