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171019 에일리 Ailee IG Live 5 minutes Recording (end part)

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Ku Azim says:

Aileeans, let's vote for our Queen! She deserves that best OST!! #2017MAMA I'm sad that we cannot see Ailee win BVPFS for this year but it's okay…she can win for next year😎

Ku Azim says:

I'm glad to know that she's happy. Let's not talk bad about her company lol..let's hope for the best!!!

Valerie says:

Ailee's expression when IWGTYLTFS was played is so cute lol she was like "MA SONG"

jeana koranteng says:

Ailee and Dean really need to collaborate, her jamming to his song is so cute

Valerie says:

Thank you hyung! You are our hero omg T-T

Vocal Goddess says:

Oppa you are our saviour. Thanks for this recording. 😘

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